Learn More About the Martini

Just drink it quickly

Of course it is the handle with care cocktail. The warm martini is akin to a slow Ferrari. It’s just not designed that way. Purists insist on using glass or stainless steel, the freshest ice, and the best liquor your VISA limit can afford. You can shake your martini, stir it, or roll it. Just drink it quickly. A feat in engineering, the Y shape design allows for a quick gulp such as when the police were pounding at the door during prohibition.

When you drink, it is permissible to hold the glass near the rim to steady it. Otherwise, it must be held by the stem so as not to warm the drink.

Straight up or over ice?

If you haven’t yet learned to drink a martini straight up, go out and do so at once! The key to straight up drinking is the quality of your gin or vodka. This isn’t a Cape Cod, okay? You really need to plunk down for the high-end call. The cheap stuff just won’t do when you’re drinking it practically naked.

Use the freshest, cleanest ice possible

Don’t use ice that has been living in your freezer for months. Make sure that your ice-cube trays are clean and if you must store your ice, do so in a tightly-sealed container.

Fresh olives only!

They only have a shelf life of 1-2 weeks. If you were using olives as garnish, I would recommend rinsing them under water just before you put them into the Martini. This prevents excess oily olive juice from polluting your drink. Fresh olives are also very important. I find that olives that have been sitting for a while ruin a drink. If, like me, you think olives are too much work, try a lemon twist.

Make everything as cold as possible

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a warm Martini. Keep your gin, vodka, martini glasses and even your cocktail shaker in the freezer until you are ready to begin.

Stay away from anything but glass and stainless steel

Stay away from anything but glass and stainless steel. Aluminum and plastic shakers can horribly flavour your drinks. It is well worth it to spend the extra cash and get nice equipment to start with.

With Martinis the proof is in the mixing

You can never have the same Martini twice, no matter how carefully you mix, but you can have a superb Martini every time if you take care in your mixing. Tending the home bar is a public art that should be a delight for any drinking guest to behold. It looks easy, especially to those whose sight is already enhanced by two or three cocktails, but like anything worth doing it takes practice. There are skills, tips, tricks, and hints to icemanship, mixing, stirring, garnishing, pouring and serving good drinks. Learn them all and you will be well on your way to becoming a bartending artisan.

Be careful when shaking

As fun as it is to shake your Martini for 10 minutes, you will just end up diluting your drink. If you don’t want to water-down your drink, shake gently. If you need to dilute with water, and you don’t mind a bit of ice and cloudiness in your drink, shake vigorously.

Buy the best ingredients that you can afford

A $40 bottle of vodka really does taste better than a $10 bottle. Spend the extra cash.